Now that I'm fully aware that Torch is a place full of hits, I braced myself for another sumptuous encounter with the fusion restaurant. My answer to Deal Dozen's invitation for a round two could never be faster. Torch did manage to set the standards pretty high on my last visit. Little did I know, I was in for another amazing treat.

Torch's Steak Fondue


We were first served with Steak Fondue which is both fun to eat and to look at. Little cuts of raw rib eye meltique beef danced before our eyes. The metal sauce pan is filled with oil, constantly hot from the little flare beneath it, where you can dip the pieces and see bubbles of oil cook it for you. Five, interesting sauces namely, Goma Sauce, Jabanero Sauce, Red Wine Sauce, Tartufo Cream and Pepermill Signature Sauce were all ready for dipping.


You can have your very own lil chunk of steak cooked anyway you want, whether you want it well-browned, medium, or crisp. The beef that looks really good when it's raw tastes as good as when it is cooked. It melted in my mouth like a dream. The tartufo cream and goma sauce was among my favorites. Tartufo cream has an elegant taste of its own. Seriously, who doesn't love truffles? Goma sauce is sweet and tangy, I think I like this sauce because I love beef with anything tangy. 


Blackened Chicken Alfredo

We were served two kinds of pasta dishes that day: Blackened Chicken Alfredo and Luga Nigi Arrabiata. Blackened Chicken Alfredo was the creamiest pasta dish i've ever tasted. The sauce is garlicky and oozing with spices. The chicken is served cajun style, which I think accounts for the reason why the name of the dish has the word "blackene" with it. However wholly seasoned the chicken is, it didn't overpower the pasta and it's sauce, but instead complemented the whole dish.  

Luga Nigi Arrabiata

Oozing with the aroma of Luga Nigi Sausages, this tomato-cream based pasta dish is sweet and a little tangy. I think that this is a bit sweeter than your average red sauce pasta, and the Vongole ala Arrabiata pasta they served before. Despite the little jump on the sweet side, this dish didn't fail to deliver a proof of excellent chefmanship. 

Torch did flare up my day with dishes that proved that only superb chefmanship can create. A fusion of wonderful flavors and plateful of hits, Torch is not only a place to look out for, but a place that sets the bar high for other places venturing to amaze and satisfy its patrons.


Torch is located at:

Home Studio Bldg., 63 Connecticut St. 

Greenhills, San Juan City, MM


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